Making disciples in all nations. 

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Support our efforts in a particular cause that is close to your heart. Your funds will go directly towards equipping believers, developing long-term partnerships and spreading the Gospel in that region. Select a country or cause from the list below to get started.

Canada Strategy Fund

e3 Ministry Canada is blessed to have a phenomenal team of staff & volunteers serving across Canada. Every single day we have individuals & teams fanning out across Canadian cities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ who then disciple those who respond. We have a vision to see No Place Left where the gospel hasn't been preached in Canada. We are delighted to serve our First Nations brothers and sisters, French Canadians and the millions of new Canadians flooding urban centres. God is on the move in Canada and your support will greatly help us expand into new regions.

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I Am Second Strategy Fund

We tell stories through unscripted conversations, short films, and documentary features. Our stories provoke real world action through practical service projects, digital apps, and relationship-building communities both on and offline. We are committed to staying in the conversation and moving it toward greater inclusivity, vulnerability, connection and hope. We partner with athletes, entertainers, politicians and other public figures to tell their stories alongside our own.


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Je Suis Deuxieme Strategy Fund

In a post-Christian society that is increasingly closed to institutionalized Christianity, our vision is to create a native movement in which French speaking Canadians will discover Jesus anew in a personal, authentic and powerful way. Je Suis Deuxième is a disciple-making movement (DMM) of obedient new believers that will grow exponentially as every new believer is trained with a DNA of reproduction. Through our training resources, tools and processes, our vision is to equip the whole Canadian body of Christ in reaching every single French speaking person by the end of our generation.

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Love on Hamilton Trailer Fund

Join us in helping make a difference in the lives of the homeless community in Hamilton! We've been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from all our incredible donors. Each week, we have been stuffing our car to the max with all the generous contributions, loading and unloading it to ensure that those in need receive it!

To take our efforts to the next level, we are seeking your support to purchase a dedicated trailer for Love on Hamilton. This trailer will not only allow us to carry a larger volume of donations, but it will also provide a secure and organized space to store everything, as well as saving the time from loading and unloading it each week. By sowing into this trailer, we can continue to bless the homeless community in Hamilton each week in a more efficient and impactful way.

Love on Hamilton focuses on loving the people of Hamilton in every way we can. We want to see the lost and the broken come to know Jesus and be healed in His presence. There's not one person God's love cannot reach; anyone can be redeemed and forgiven by His grace. Our goal is simply to love, and believe that through our love, they will encounter God.

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Philippines Strategy Fund

e3 Canada is seeking to establish a thriving local church in every village throughout the Philippines. Our long standing partnership has allowed us to see a church established in 50% of the target villages so far! We are equipping existing believers and partnering with local pastors to form coalitions who commit to work in unity and share the Gospel effectively through training simple gospel sharing tools. You can join us now by supporting the Kingdom work happening now throughout the Philippines as we strive to reach the remaining villages until there is No Place Left where the gospel has not been preached!

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Voice In The Wilderness Fund

Missiologists tracking data on global Christian movements have come to the startling realization that the Great Commission, may very well be completed in our lifetime! As our team have been praying, sharing the gospel, and training believers to live on mission, God has invited us to take a serious step toward sending teams to the final unengaged people groups on earth. We feel led to establish a mission school called “Voice In The Wilderness”. The training schools will focus on equipping a network of local missions planting churches as well as raising up teams to send to the most unengaged places on earth.

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